Jaqques of Norwich.

He won his great estate at dice after being driven from his fathers house for stealing apples from the market.

He is a lay about who spends his time playing cards and dice or grooming his black beard.

He wears only silk of red and blue and gold, patterned with fleur de lis and ermine.

He dwells in town and his door is always open and the wine always freely flows at his tables where he plays cards and dice with the Lords of the land and plots all of our ruin with his companions.

John of Salonika

He never washes, shaves or trims his beard or hair and wears only yellow silk.

He speaks little and only to offend.

Paul the Liar

The excommunicated bishop if Argyle who still wears his clerical robes and carries his mitre.

He is the most agreeable, until he is told the truth which drives him in to a black rage.

Luther the Usurer

He wears only the latest fashion over his bloated body.

He is only happy when he is getting richer.

He lies, cheats, conspires and gambles every waking hour as all the while his wife and sons break their backs at the market.

Nebuchazar of Chelmsford

His beard he dies black, he wears a mask over his eyes and a hood over his head, his robes are black and long, he wears gloves on his hands and a ring on his finger and he has a pipe in his mouth.

When he speaks he speaks he speaks slow and everyone goes quiet (aside from John of Salonika who is often silenced).

His plans bear fruit and his observations are true.

When he was a small boy his heart was removed from his chest and sacrifed to an idol of Baal and replaced instead by a piece of coal.