It would seem that the Illuminati has its origins in a fire worshipping Zoroastrian cult in ancient Iraq known as the Adisad that became increasingly secretive before spreading through out the Persian empire.

Following the Arab conquest it became out of necessity even more secretive and was repressed to the brink of extinction, but it had a revival among Zoroastrian immigrants to India where it became increasingly a charitable organisation that would help fight against injustice.

At some point a small number of them must have spread to China, where the idea took hold among the chinese and tibetan population.

A large number of small groups were formed, similar in organisation and symbolism to the Adisad who were known as Laychuren.

These groups retained elements of Zoroastrian thought and style, but were usually Bhuddist, Confucian or purely secular.

With a wide variety of aims and beliefs, they were all secretive and all considered themselves to be uniquely englightened and having a duty to secretly spread their enlightenment with others in an underhand way.

It was they who first introduced the symbol of the Snowy owl, later identified as "The Owl of Minerva".

Such organisations existed in rural China all the way up to the Communist revolution, but by then they had become less activist becoming much like free-masons in Europe.

The Adisad soon died out in india, but Laychuren based organisations would spring up sporadically along the silk road and all through central Asia, then increasingly the middle east.

Their doctrine and style were appropriated first by Gnostics who coined the word "Illuminati", then by wealthy protestants and Liberals across Europe.

It would appear that the Illuminati has long been superceded by more durable and consistent masonic, fraternal and cultist organisations.

The Masons

What we would now know as freemasonary began with a medival guild in central wales that fell under the influence of an archaic Romano-british mystery cult from North wales.

They gradually influenced all other british masonic guilds, spreading first to the North of England, then Scotland and on to London and Paris.

Like most surviving medival guilds it was gradually taken over by wealthy merchants during and after the renaisance, some of whom used it as a means to further ther own interests, hold orgies and practise otherwise frowned upon religious and occult customs.

Our investigations in to modern English free-masonary would suggest they are about as innocent as they pertain to be and that those days are long behind them.

Scottish Freemasonary has proved more elusive, our intellligence about American freemasonary would suggest their old ways are more intact and it is used as a front by confidence tricksters, organised crime and other sinister groups.

Air Masons

John Dee was a natural philosopher and alchemist, who was vulgarly inserted in to the history books in the court of the largely fictional "Elizabeth I".

He was responsible for the popularisation of alchemy, it was disciples of his within the free-masons, namely William King, Rhynwick Williams and Sir Archibald Hawkins who were reponsible for the establishment of the "Flame Masons", who later entangled themselves with the illuminati to form the Air Masons.

Dee's main interest was finding ways in which to control others.

He was eventually executed for carrying out experiments on the sick in the pretence of curing them, cutting them open and filling them with the limbs and organs of poisionous toads.

But he left behind a large quanitity of writings, mostly of little value, but his works of psyclogical manipulation and luciferian rituals are still in use today.

The Air masons however quite early on all but abandoned the occult considering either too dangerous or merely fantasy, a position solidified by the influence of the illuminists.

As a sort of compromise various demons were instead recognised not as independent beings but as elements of the human psyche and in times of need they will call upon them for help, with some symbolic ritual but mostly by indulging in themselves and inciting in others, the specific ususually despicable charachteritics of the particular demon in the hope of benefiting from them.

After they were expelled, first from Britain and then the rest of Europe they fled mostly to America but also through the rest of the English and French speaking world.

During this time they re-invented themselves from a glorified gentlmens club, to be more modern and more subtle, they changed their motto from the unoriginal, "Populus Vult Decipi, Decipiatur." to the more enigmatic "What is truth?,... truely number 25 6 9 7"

It appears that they quickly brainwashed themselves with their own propoganda initially designed to decive

Their method of recruitment is usually to socially assimilate likely candidates, befriending them in groups and to gradually condition them to be receptive to their ideas, then after several years they reveal themselves when they think the time is right and offer formal intitiation to their subject, sometimes they are rejected, but the people who reject them are either killed or worse.

But this method, though highly effective is very slow and sometimes they need to gain members in a less subtle way.

This pamphlet for example was left outside Luton town hall in the late fifties.


Despite the false charges our critics have levelled at us we are merely an organisation interested in the further advancement of man.

We strive to follow the path of scientific truth, but we may do so with the symbolism of ages past as a teaching aide for you will find within us no qualms in using the methods of evil to promote compassion.

We are ordered not by the arbitary dictates of fashion or the pathological need for tidiness and covenience but our methods are moulded to fit the irregularities of human nature.

All who come to us with an open heart wishing sincerely to hear will be told, to aide them this leaflet has been produced to be circulated among individuals we deem to be of good sense and much wisdom.

We have identified two fundemental elements of human nature, the "black" these are the parts of the psyche that tend to hate, this side is often dominant particularly in the negro, and the "White" those which tend toward love and compassion.

The manifestations of hate in humans are war, violence of all kinds, nationalism, Religion, Supertition, all types of irrationality, Greed and selfishness.

The inclusion of superstition, irrationality and religion is not self explanitory, nevertheless they are the product of intellectual darkness and fear, which is in essence another form of hate, hatred of which you do not know.

Our goals for the next two centuries are as follows:

The abolition of scarcity.

The abolition of war.

The abolition of arbitary nations.

The abolition of religion.

The creation of a truely collaborative single system of governance, production, science and enterprise.

The instigation of true meritocracy.

Strict controls placed on those who are given to hate, or spread hate.

Of course the section of the mind given over to hate were developed for a purpose, but that purpose was survival in a hateful world.

For nature, though the creator of love is also a cruel and abusive parent.

She decrees that her creatures must constatly live in fear and suffering forcing them to hate more than they love.

Civilised man has overcome in a large part the hatefullness of his world, by the development of civilisation, removing much of the danger and daily struggle for life.

He no longer requires to be hateful unless he is very poor, but his nature demmands it of him, forever holding him back.

Bringing him war, poverty, addiction and every type of misery.

Therefore if society is to be improved, Love, mans improving and compassionate side must be allowed to shine through by the elimination of his hateful being.

We can't know if the forces of natural selection, left undisturbed will this on it's own. But if it should take an intolerably long time, and after all when once long ago an ape first rubbed two sticks together to make fire not by design of nature but by it's own initiative and in doing so became man and prospered.

To begin we must face the fact, a fact that your natural insticts will at first find disagreeable, the first step to the improval of the human mind is for those wishing to improve themselves is for them to seperate themselves from their innate flawed nature so it can be substituted for one dominated purely by love.

We have the means to imprint upon the mind an ego almost totally without hate but we can only do so to subjects willing to make themselves blank slates open and suggestive to us.

Your altered natural self will be restored once it has out-grown all hate and learned to walk the path of love, this will however be a long and tortuous process but one ultimately worthwhile and rewarding.

To understand what this will entail you must understand what love is, this is what distinguishes the cowardly from the brave as only the brave can truely love.

For love may be defined as being prepared to suffer, obey and to make sacrifices for a cause or person, so to truely learn to appreciate love you must learn to appreciate sacrifice and suffering and remove from yourself the instinctive or superstitious reactions against it.

You must undergo to reject in your mind the arbitary and animalistic dictates of an unlightened society, to do this you must learn to internally or if necessary externally alienate yourself from your friends and associates.

The cause of love, like all causes worth pursuing demmands sacrifice, but in comparison to the rewards the sacrifice is merely slight.

You will be free from your hatred, the forces of ego, irrational fear, superstition and doubt, you will be able to truely collaborate with others by the removal of selfishness.

You will gain thousands of brothers and sisters across the world, many of whom are in positions of influence who will help you if you pass our test, and will help you to do so.

By the removal of hate we are all permanently bound to each other, but our leader has strengthened the power of those bonds, and is formed out of three people, but by the complete removal of hate have become one being, sharing every thought sensation and feeling, merging their egos together he cannot be killed except by the destruction of all three and has the intelligence and will power of three, which is a great advantage given by the power of love.

We will all one day have the option become one, this is our offer and we will be in contact.

If you are reading this and you are an unintelligent closed-minded reactionary, then all we have to offer is our contempt, and our advice to put this paper down because you may just just what you deserve.


This was taken from a stolen document:

The world has given us two great gifts that we and it cannot do without:

The first is technology.

Technology is what elevates us from animals.

Technology frees us from the shackles of nature, and allows people to walk or be guided along our sacred path.

Take for example the simplest action of boiling a kettle in the morning.

In an earler time, a person without servants would first have to fetch the wood or coal to burn.

In doing this his mind would be distracted by the sensations of toil, the varying smells and sights he would experience, both from the outdoors where the fuel was kept and from the texture of the fuel itself, in doing so he may be seduced into thinking he is part of nature.

Then he must light the fire, then draw the water from a well or a pump.

In doing this his mind is given over to means, less than ends which reduces his capacity for enlightenment.

Then he must fill the kettle from a bucket, both the kettle and the bucket would be made by hand, showing signs craftsmanship, unique features, faults and irregularities indusive to foolish aimless sentement, they would both be expensive in relation to his wages so to such items he would be overly attached.

Then when the kettle would boil, it would whistle in a high note.

Strange as it may seem, this whistlting is fatal.

It has a hypnotic effect on an ignorant mind, it brings to him a sense of nostalgia as he recalls the other times he heard that distinctive sound throughout his life, nothing suggests modest domestic comfort more, these feelings of domesticity develop from being house proud to patriotism and nationalism.

Now take the example of an eletric kettle in a modern kitchen.

It has a clean manufactured modern design, for clean efficient modern attitudes, it is cheap and easily replaced so arouses no ignorant sentement, it is kept in a tiled sterile enviroment, it is filled up without effort from a tap, the water carried through pipes out of sight and out of mind, the water is heated at the touch of a switch, when it produces a plain mechanical click.

This process leaves the mind unoccupied and uninspired, therefore it starts looking for greater simulation elsewhere, and therefore far more open to us.

This is the case with everything modern, from washing machines to cars to eltric clocks, to televisions to tumble dryers and even eletric pencil sharpeners.

For this reason aiding the advance and promoting adoption of technology must be our first priority and always has been.

The second is Liberalism.

Quite simply liberalism has forced the churches and the crowns of europe to abandon the reigns of cultral power allowing us to seize them.

It is a weak willed ideology orginated and perpetuated by weak willed social parasites that can easily be moulded in support of anything, to decive people who subcribe to this ideology is nothing less than they deserve, and a tactic that has always well served us.


One of their favourite methods of propoganda is to broadcast subliminal messages in popular music to change the thinking of the people, while the delibrate inclusion of immoral themes in popular culture for the purpose or courupting the public is ancient, you may be suprised to learn the first person to make it a science was apparently Johnny Cash, who was influnced by the Air Masons at an early age.

The influence of The Air Masons has been steadlily growing, and they are set to seize total control in a matter of decades.

They have helpless brainwashed members everywhere, usually given opiate like drugs and psychedelics to keep them lyoal, and in every town and city they have secret offices, as well as traditional masonic "temples" where they carry out their initiation ceremonies.

In one respect Britain is lucky though, for the Air Masons did not develop in isolation but alongside a whole host of similar organisations some of them even more despicable and disgusting, but the Air Masons have always regarded Britain as their turf and even when they were not present they brutally kept others away.


Jack Robinson contrived to have me infiltrate a local masonic lodge, but I found nothing and got a flea in my ear for spying.

After that we went west to gather information on a much more secretive organisation.

What we found just raised more questions, than answers, as if it was only established to be a mystery, but we established that it was linked to the Rosicrucian movement in europe, the civil service in England and several wealthy americans, linked by their membership to a club called "Bohemian Grove".

For a few years I was posted to a small hut in Cornwall to document the coming and going of some people who seemed to be smugglers who passed by that area sometimes that were deemed important.

But after six months of hearing nothing I went to investigate. I found the authorities had began to close in on us, more and more people were dissapearing.

I was sent to an address in London, where I was kept hidded in room behind a bookshelf.

I filled in the time by writing down my experiences, but the wise, stern old woman who ran the house however ordered me to stop, so I wrote other things.

After a few months a hearse with blacked out windows was seen driving around and some large and surly under-takers started curiously poking around our street.

They were two well known government agents, it was only a matter of time before we were found out.

I was given a suitcase containing documents I was told not to read, I was told to wait until the next day then go to Westminister and wait in St Stephens tavern until I was sent for, I would be taken to see a certain MP who was sympathetic who would exhange the documents I had with others, that I was to take to another address.

I also took my memoirs with me, and the first place I went was the nearest W.H.Smith, and brought a pack of A4 Paper and some pencils and pens.

I spent the rest of the day continuing my memoirs in a cafe.

When they closed I sat and dozed on a bench.

Then I found a twenty-four hour cafe because I was afraid to sleep in case I was caught or my documents stolen, the lack of sleep made me feel a lot older.

I stayed there until eight, then I left for westminister.

I waited in St Stephens tavern from eleven to quarter to three, buying drinks and moving around trying not to seem to much like I was loitering.

A civil servant came in and told me that ---- was ready to see me (If you want to guess his name, his constituency will soon be having a by-election).

I was taken into a governent building to a waiting room.

I waited there for a quarter of an hour before the MP, sweating and loudly talking on his mobile phone entered.

I sat there waiting for about fifteen minutes, it was clear that the person on the other end of the phone was doing most of the talking.

When he hung up he asked me if I had the files, I opened the suitcase and took out a box file.

At seeing it he dropped the paper file he had underneath his arm in haste, which he put down on the table beside me.

His phone rang again, with a few words he finished the call, looked out the window and went white, The police were on their way he said, he told me that the deal was off, and that he was to tell my collegues that he had destroyed all the papers, he told me to wait where I was.

He grabbed the box-file and sprinted off.

He had forgotten about the file he had left behind, which I put in my suitcase and left.

I saw some people that looked like plain clothes policemen running along the street towards where I was, a man who I took to be a politician was frantically shouting instructions and pointing at me ran someway behind them.

I crossed the road nearly causing a crash as a bus braked just in time, I half-ran outside the palace of westminister, I stuck my thumb out in the hope someone would pick me up, because I knew the police woud be approaching, from all sides.

But with my arm held out I had to keep the suitcase under my arm because in my hand was the carrier bag full of paper and my wrting, but as I ran I could not keep my grip.

The suitcase fell to the floor, it burst open, sending papers flying, I picked up most of them, seeing that the policemen and the politician were getting nearer and I saw two policemen in uniform causally walking towards me on the pavement ahead, talking on their radios.

What I gathered from seeing the scattered papers was that they concerned a forthcoming meeting to be held in the South tower of the world Trade center where Tony Blair and the president of America were to be present, no wonder that politician was agitated I thought.

I slowed down to a walk trying to keep as much distance between me and both of them, then all at once to my surpise someone stopped and told me to hop in.

I got in and as the driver drove off he asked me where I wanted to go, I told him as far west as he could.

He introduced himself as David Sutch.

He chatted happily to me about his dislike of New Labour as he drove learning they were after me, and I continued writing.

Why we were not stopped by the police I don't know, perhaps they didn't catch the number plate or they feared it might raise questions.

I asked him to drop me off on the side of the M3.

I climbed through a hedge and in to a field, I took shelter from the rain that had begun to fall under a hedge by the embankment. and that is where I am now, completing my book in the rain as the traffic goes past.

I know that soon I will be dead, I can feel my age coming down on and throttling me. I should live long enough to pass on the secret papers and my writing, but to who and how I cannot tell or the game would be up.

Maybe one day someone may find it and learn, and make of it what they will

It has been a long time since all this was written and the world has moved on.

I have compiled this from a collection of papers and drawings that have been gathering dust for the last twenty years on the shelves of a late aqauintance of mine.

Everything else he owned I promised I would burn.

Once upon a time

The age of miracles is past they say, we were flung from doors and windows driven in to the street.

We are fairies doomed to wander until our dying day.

Driven from hearth and home with brooms on our backs, we are the knights of Oberon to wander fight and die.

Of Saceren and Boneparte, of Turk and Tartar, Christian and Greek we know and have had our part.

Where we're sought we are not found, but where we're thought of we will be seeing unseen.

Directions for locating a modest amount of treasure

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