I saw the people line the streets as the kings funeral procession passed. Full of grief, I wandered in to the hills above, I watched the city from a distance. I saw a ship made of ebony with white sails floating through the sky, away from the city towards the sun, with a black banner raised at half mast, it was accompanied by six dark giants with spears and shields marching grimly behind through the air. Further off I saw a great figure made of clouds striding towards me, sometimes leaping and stumbling with haste. As he got nearer he slowly dissolved in to a thick white mist that hung above the city. In this mist I saw shadows of men with the legs of goats, with swords charging forwards but the faster they charged the slower they went, they flew a banner that said HADES. Suddenly they stopped, in to view came a white dragon and a red dragon, who were fighting to the death. On the red dragon was written WAR, on the white dragon was written LOVE. From the white dragon's wounds came water and oil, from the Red dragon's wounds came blood and tar. I heard a voice cry out from the city and the white dragon roared with pain and fell to the ground for a moment and came up again torn and broken. I heard another voice cry out from the city and the red dragon screamed and a great deal of horrible matter poured out of it's wounds, eyes and mouth. The two dragons shrank to the size of eagles and flew far away, the watching horde moved forward again. The people of the city cried "who will save us?" Then from under the palace rose a green dragon called Falak. With it's tail and it's jaws it tore the city to rubble, I saw the people fleeing the destruction, but it breathed fire from it's nostrils, Every living thing the fire touched turned to stone. When the city was destroyed the forces of Hades dispersed saying "There is nothing left to conquer!" Then the Dragon flew to where I was and it said to me "Everything you have seen will happen, every person on the cities plain on this side of this ridge at the time of the calamity will be turned to stone." Everything became dark, I saw a king on a golden throne in the sky, he pointed down to the city and said, "I see a worthless people." "They don't know of God, they do not care for loyalty, they bow to the whims of tyrants, they gather readily for war but when they are tested they scatter to the winds. Their craft and knowledge is small to match their ambition. I am a conquerer I will subdue and rule these people. I will send an army to defeat them!" I saw a grey army come from the sky and sweep over the land. The king said "I shall rule for a while then when I go they shall be conquered by other nations because they will be divided and scared to resist." "But I will send down servants to teach them, their names shall be Sinwer, Arthur, Modred and Merlin and they will tell the people about me." I saw a wave of fire and darkness cover the land . I went to the new king and his advisors and told them what I had seen, but they said I was mad and drove me out.