St Georges ghost haunts the garden of obmansdine where he was brought as a baby by Kalyr the lady of the wilds, and has done since he was killed by the necromancer ormandine in jerusalem where george had pursued him after he had turned eglantine daughter of the king of thessualt into a milk white swan having lured her away from the castle of the giant blanderon where she was held hostage he put her in his enchanted lake with six other maidens who had become swans, saint george after defeating the giant searched for her and wandered into a haunted vale of walking spirits where he wandered seven days getting colder and colder until his feet froze to the floor but a moving fire came to him and warmed him and he walked another seven days to find her, he found the swans and by puting a magic oak leaf he had picked from the garden of obmansdyne in the beaks of each one he changed them the six maidens restored their natural form but for this was the third time eglantine had been transformed she became an oak first into a mulberry bush after insulting a proud fairy on the road and second when george had rested under her branches in the form of a hart having been given that form to escape from the prison of the soldan of persia where he had been sent by almidor king of morocco after he had defeated his burning dragon ascolon who had taken sabra the daughter of the king of egypt where he had been forced to wander after killing his adopted mother by putting her underneath a stone so he could free her prisoners while he rested he saw eglantines face in her buds then in the distance he saw his loyal horse with the leaves in his saddle bags one of which he ate and restored his form and hers by putting one in a hollow in the bark restored eglantine