Vaccines are never tested for a long enough time and in enough detail to properly rule out the possibility of long-term harm, because those developing them are unable or unwilling to spend the money it would take, and lack the patience to do so, the vaccines developed for Covid-19 are no exceptions being positively rushed, there are a small amount of deaths attributed to them and many more have reported long lasting unpleasant side effects.

How bad the vaccine itself is I do not yet know, but what concerns me is not so much the physical content of the vaccine, but the political, there are too many who regard anyone who refuses a vaccine as not only misguided but immoral, there are employers who insist upon their employees being vaccinated and venues turning away the unvaccinated, all with the government's encouragement, there are far too many trying to alienate the unvaccinated, and if they succede they will have created an evil precident for a totalitarian, conformist society, that does not simply uncritically obey, uncritically obeys "willingly" (through fear of social exclusion) which even if the fears of the vaccine are unfounded is a far too high price to pay, so in defiance of them if nothing else I will not take the vaccine.