We belive society has been overtaken by evil people.

We belive such is the sicknesss they have caused in society, all who come in to contact with it is in the same danger as a healthy person in a leper colony.

The United States of America in particular has marked itself out as the main center of the infection, so much so it has been aptly named "The Great Shaitan"

It has purposefully and effectively instilled deep in to the wounded soul of humanity a love of greed, idleness and a horrid and wasteful hedonism, it is greatly responsible for propogating all manner of false teachings and evil beliefs under the banner of "Progress".

Furthermore any nation daring to resist has been undermineed, through assaination, slaughter, economic ruin, engineered rebellion and slander.

And in their unholy crusade to claim all of our souls they have all manner of harlequins and mannequins masqurading as people, but there are such numbers of morons of many stripes and feather that you cannot tell one from the other.

By their fruits ye shall know them, and if the fruit is rancid and bitter what matters the variety of tree?

For they have but one root, for wickedness of all kinds; the lying, the gluttony, the false pride all come from the one seed, the seed of the devil.

And they are to people as vines are as they strangle a tree.

We belive that it is wrong to seek to alter the physical nature that has been given to you.

We belive that doing so is bound to be greatly detrimental and destructive to mind, body and soul and anyone who does so is in terrible danger.

We belive genuine faith is made up of thought word and action not either in seperation.